Fondant potatoes

Fondant potatoes are a seriously luxurious element of an elegant meal, and well worth the time invested. They’re quite a bit simpler to make than their reputation makes out, and with a little practice, you’ll develop your own way of tarting up posh potatoes exactly to your liking. You usually see fondant potatoes cut into … Continue reading Fondant potatoes

Honeyed carrots

Honeyed carrots are a super-simple but yummy side dish you can serve with a range of meals, and usually functions as a way to dress it up. I like to serve these as a way of jazzing up roast veggies, or as the perfect accompaniment to fondant potatoes and other fancy-pants dinner-party items. Here’s how … Continue reading Honeyed carrots

Aloo paratha

Aloo paratha are something I like to order when I want to go all-out with Indian food. They’re decadent and comfort-foody, and feel like a real treat. So, I had to learn how to make them myself to be able to treat my dinner guests to said level of comfort and decadence! Here’s what I’ve … Continue reading Aloo paratha

Fondant potatoes with honeyed carrots and creamy butter-wine sauce

Fondant potatoes, honeyed carrots, and a creamy butter-wine sauce – all perfect accompaniments to a centrepiece of your choice in a poshed-up dinner. Now you just have to think of what to put with it… …my preferences would be for a super-simple medley of mushrooms fried off in butter, garlic and thyme, or a comfort-foody … Continue reading Fondant potatoes with honeyed carrots and creamy butter-wine sauce