Fondant potatoes

Fondant potatoes are a seriously luxurious element of an elegant meal, and well worth the time invested. They’re quite a bit simpler to make than their reputation makes out, and with a little practice, you’ll develop your own way of tarting up posh potatoes exactly to your liking. You usually see fondant potatoes cut into … Continue reading Fondant potatoes

Miso-glazed eggplant

Umami, that Japanesiest of Japanese flavours, that fifth flavour world beyond the sweet, salty, sour and bitter we’re so familiar with… If you want a dish that epitomises umami, this is it. Deliciously seasoned miso paste sets off the earthy bitterness of grilled eggplant to reveal a complex yet subtle combination of flavours. Grilling your … Continue reading Miso-glazed eggplant

Pad see-ew

Pad see-ew: not as well-known as pad Thai, but just as yummy, and extremely simple to cook. It’s actually a Thai riff off a Chinese recipe, which is why it’s less complex in flavour than a lot of other Thai dishes, but has that satisfying savouriness typical of Chinese food. Like pad Thai, pad see-ew … Continue reading Pad see-ew

Cassava chips

Crispy, crunchy cassava chips… perfect with dip! For those occasions when you want a moreish and surprisingly healthy home-made snack and not a store-bought processed one, cassava chips come to the rescue. I love these with any kind of dip (avocado dip, spicy peanut dip, and especially charred corn salsa), or as a nice crunchy accompaniment … Continue reading Cassava chips