Spiced lentil rice

I came up with this dish when I wanted something to accompany Lebanese cauliflower, and didn’t feel like making flatbread. What emerged was a no-less complex recipe, but one that really sets off the slightly bitter moreishness of tahini cauliflower with a burst of fragrant flavour. My spiced lentil rice takes quite a bit of … Continue reading Spiced lentil rice

Baba ganoush

Baba ganoush, hummus’ lesser-known cousin, is easily as tasty, if not more so. Even my partner, who doesn’t like eggplant, will slather this all over a chunk of bread and go back for more until the bowl is clean. Baba ganoush is one of those wonderful recipes that works as a dip, a side dish, … Continue reading Baba ganoush


Hummus – so simple, so versatile, and oh so moreish! Everyone needs a hummus recipe up their sleeve for times when you need a quick n tasty dip, or are looking for something to jazz up an otherwise boring vegetable or salad side. There’ll be no more store-bought hummus for you once you’ve mastered the … Continue reading Hummus

Purple sweet potato gnocchi with lebanese cauliflower

This dish is a fusion of imitation of a Middle Eastern classic, and pure intuitive invention. Purple sweet potato has a fragrant, almost floral, flavour along with its sweetness that demands accompaniment by something bitter to create a delicious harmonic balance of flavour. Tahini-dressed cauliflower is exactly what this riff off gnocchi needs to sing. I … Continue reading Purple sweet potato gnocchi with lebanese cauliflower