Lebanese cauliflower

Cauliflower is that most underrated vegetable that’s easily shunted out of the way in favour of its more glamorous comrades, but to neglect it is to deny yourself the chance to enjoy one of the tastiest Middle Eastern dishes known to humankind: Lebanese cauliflower. Lebanese cauliflower is ideally served as part of a Middle Eastern … Continue reading Lebanese cauliflower

Vegetable stock

A sensational stock is the base that will make your soup, stew, or risotto stand out from the bland crowd. Surprisingly quick and easy to make, this recipe packs a much denser flavour punch than shop-bought stock. You can use your stock immediately, or store it in meal-sized portions for future use. It keeps well in … Continue reading Vegetable stock

Tofu scramble

There’s nothing like a tofu scramble with all the trimmings to round out your Sunday brunch. A hearty way to start the day, this dish packs in a few serves of fresh veggies before you’ve even blinked  😉 Try this one with a sprinkle of black salt to add a subtle egg-like flavour, and serve … Continue reading Tofu scramble