Pad see-ew

Pad see-ew: not as well-known as pad Thai, but just as yummy, and extremely simple to cook. It’s actually a Thai riff off a Chinese recipe, which is why it’s less complex in flavour than a lot of other Thai dishes, but has that satisfying savouriness typical of Chinese food. Like pad Thai, pad see-ew … Continue reading Pad see-ew

Gado gado (Indonesian salad with spicy peanut sauce)

Gado gado is a traditional Indonesian salad dish whose name literally translates as “mix-mix”, so no prizes for guessing it’s a bit of a free for all when it comes to selecting your ingredients! In different parts of the vast archipelago you’ll find gado gado done really differently, but it’ll always feature a mixture of … Continue reading Gado gado (Indonesian salad with spicy peanut sauce)

Massaman curry

Massaman curry…. Thai’s don’t really eat it, and I can’t say I was ever particularly jazzed about eating a dish that seems more aimed at western tourists’ feeble palates than representative of Thai cuisine. At least, not while I was living in Thailand… But one day, years after moving back to Australia, I developed a … Continue reading Massaman curry