Miso-glazed potatoes

Miso-glazed potatoes provide a simple side dish with a complex flavour that’s at once exotic and comfort-foody, thanks to its salty starchiness and fragrant flavourings. This dish is very versatile, and can be used as an accompaniment to a wide array of Japanese or Korean vegetable dishes. This is best served, in my opinion, with some … Continue reading Miso-glazed potatoes

Gaji namul (seasoned steamed eggplant side dish)

Namul is a Korean seasoned vegetable side dish, served with rice and a variety of other side dishes. Gaji namul, my favourite, is made with eggplant, but you can make namul with a wide range of vegetables, including beansprouts, slightly blanched spinach, julienned daikon radish, or even tofu. Flavour: Spicy Serves: 4 as side dish Ingredients: 3 … Continue reading Gaji namul (seasoned steamed eggplant side dish)