Miso-glazed eggplant

Umami, that Japanesiest of Japanese flavours, that fifth flavour world beyond the sweet, salty, sour and bitter we’re so familiar with… If you want a dish that epitomises umami, this is it. Deliciously seasoned miso paste sets off the earthy bitterness of grilled eggplant to reveal a complex yet subtle combination of flavours. Grilling your … Continue reading Miso-glazed eggplant

Miso-glazed potatoes

Miso-glazed potatoes provide a simple side dish with a complex flavour that’s at once exotic and comfort-foody, thanks to its salty starchiness and fragrant flavourings. This dish is very versatile, and can be used as an accompaniment to a wide array of Japanese or Korean vegetable dishes. This is┬ábest served, in my opinion, with some … Continue reading Miso-glazed potatoes