Fondant potatoes

Fondant potatoes are a seriously luxurious element of an elegant meal, and well worth the time invested. They’re quite a bit simpler to make than their reputation makes out, and with a little practice, you’ll develop your own way of tarting up posh potatoes exactly to your liking. You usually see fondant potatoes cut into … Continue reading Fondant potatoes

Honeyed carrots

Honeyed carrots are a super-simple but yummy side dish you can serve with a range of meals, and usually functions as a way to dress it up. I like to serve these as a way of jazzing up roast veggies, or as the perfect accompaniment to fondant potatoes and other fancy-pants dinner-party items. Here’s how … Continue reading Honeyed carrots


As far as French cuisine goes, my repertoire pretty much starts and ends with ratatouille. And the French would probably be upset with my version of it, as I’m not a purist… but I personally think it’s pretty darned yummy 🙂 Ratatouille is basically a chunky stew with tomato as its base, usually featuring onions, … Continue reading Ratatouille

Fondant potatoes with honeyed carrots and creamy butter-wine sauce

Fondant potatoes, honeyed carrots, and a creamy butter-wine sauce – all perfect accompaniments to a centrepiece of your choice in a poshed-up dinner. Now you just have to think of what to put with it… …my preferences would be for a super-simple medley of mushrooms fried off in butter, garlic and thyme, or a comfort-foody … Continue reading Fondant potatoes with honeyed carrots and creamy butter-wine sauce