Mieng Kham

Funnily enough, I never actually had mieng kham while I was living in Thailand… I actually discovered this little flavour-bomb at my favourite Thai restaurant in Cairns, and was hooked from the first bite! It’s basically betel leaf, filled with an array of flavoursome goodies – including toasted coconut, fresh chilli, crushed peanuts, and a … Continue reading Mieng Kham

Raw chocolate truffles

Now these truffles aren’t like any chocolate confection you’d get from a fancy-pants chocolatier… but I call them truffles because they have a truffle-like texture, and they’re sweet and chocolatey. Need any more convincing? They’re practically a health-kick, thanks to the fact that the sweetness comes from dried fruit, not sugar. And that also means … Continue reading Raw chocolate truffles

Cocktail hour!

As it’s my birthday, I’d like to celebrate with a wee drinkie… and what better wee drinkie than a cocktail hour? Here are a few of my favourites – I’ve included only cocktails where I’ve come up with my own recipe, or a riff off an old favourite…. 😉 Margarita: I love margaritas because they’re … Continue reading Cocktail hour!