About the Post-Apocalyptic Kitchen & Kitchenhand

Welcome to the Post-Apocalyptic Kitchen! I am your host, Kari, the Post-Apocalyptic Kitchenhand.

The Post-Apocalyptic Kitchen is my low-tech, downshifted cookspace where I cultivate sustainable sustenance in much the way folks did before we got so hung up on gadgets and tech, and much as we’ll need to do once the age of abundant fossil energy is over.

Although it’s not exactly primitive, the Post-Apocalyptic Kitchen is devoid of processed and pre-packaged food items and most of the electrically-powered devices that so many of us have come to depend on. Instead, the Kitchen relies mainly on fresh, organic produce that’s local and seasonal (to the extent possible), and low on the food-chain. That, and and old-school elbow grease with a good whack of kitchen-grade muscle-power.

Although not explicitly marked as such, all recipes from the Post-Apocalyptic Kitchen are cruelty-free, meaning they contain no animal products. If you’re vegetarian or vegan yourself, you’ll be rewarded with a wide array of recipes you won’t have to rack your brain over how to adapt to your needs; and if you’re a curious omnivore keen to cultivate your cruelty-free repertoire, you’ll be unlikely to miss the meat and dairy, thanks to the emphasis on complex flavours and nutritional balance.

The Post-Apocalyptic Penny dropped for me when I came to understand the implications of peak oil and the inevitable future scarcity of many resources we’ve come to take for granted. In response, I’ve gradually downshifted (a perpetual work in progress) from life on the treadmill, and began preparing for a future world made by hand – one that will bring with it the benefits of sustainability, community, and more time for family, friends, learning, loving, and creativity. I live as simply as I can, although not as simply as I’d like, due to the demands of a nine-to-five commuter life in the Big Bad City of Melbourne. I’m precious about my downtime, and donate as much of it as I can to family, friends, community, and health – the things that really matter – including Post-Apocalyptic Cuisine, which ticks all those boxes ❤

And me? I’m a tree-hugging, vegan heathen in love with nature and overwhelmed by the soulless rush of cities. My greatest loves include walks in the green calm of nature, getting a sweat on with a good run, the build-up to a storm and the moment it breaks, feeding happy tummies, and the power of written word. And, of course, my Post-Apocalyptic Kitchenpaws, The Derek, The Valerie (aka much-loved Little Precious, who sadly left us on 21st July 2017), Mia-Cat, the keenest little helper of the kitchenpaws clan, and the latest addition to the family, Brian-Cat.

If you want to know more you can just ask me – I’m even open to requests for recipes and how-to tips, so please don’t hesitate to tap out your wish-list!

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